China Best Laser Cutting Machine

Maybe you want to know what is the best laser cutter? and How much does a laser cutting machine cost? But there have so many laser machines which cut for metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, fabric, leather, MDF, leather, Plywood, Gold, Silver, ABS, PE, PVC, PMMA, PTFE. etc.

Some maybe for production cutting business, some for a hobby, some for school education, so which one is the best laser cutting system for you?

Check out which laser cutting machine is the one for your purpose, whatever you are a CNC Laser cutting engineer, or Owner, or operator or beginner for small business. BOGONG MACHINERY offers the best China laser cutting solution.

First we need to know what is Laser Cutting Machine? which one is a nonmetal laser cutter? which one is a metal laser cutting machine, which one can do both laser cutting work?

BOGONG has a fiber laser cutter, CO2 laser cutter, mixed laser cutter. you can check below to know more about laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutter

If your products are all-metal material, like Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass sheet, then choose a fiber laser cutting machine, which has 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4000w -15000w, the big laser power will cut high thickness metal sheet. fiber laser cutting machine also can cut metal tubes, pls choose metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine if you want to cut tube and metal sheet together.

CO2 laser cutter

If your products are wood, acrylic, leather, cloth, rubber, etc, then choose and CO2 laser cutting machine, which has 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W, etc. low laser power machine like 60W 80W also good at engraving work on this nonmetal material, pls be sure that CO2 Laser cutter can not do cutting or engraving work on any metal material.

Mixed CO2 Laser Cutter

If your products are both metal and nonmetal material, and most work is a nonmetal, and little stainless steel less than 1.5mm, then you can think of a mixed co2 laser cutting machine. there have 150W mixed laser cutting machine, 180W mixed laser cutter, 280w mixed laser cutter.

Fiber Laser Engraving and cutting machine

If you are a jewelry shop, and you want to cutting name necklace, also do some engraving work, then choose a 30W 50W 60W 80W fiber laser engraving and cutting machine will be better, fiber laser engraving machine can cutting gold silver brass 0.1-1.5mm.

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